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Welcome to the Pursue Wellness Integrative Health Center and Spa, 124 Shaker Rd, East Longmeadow, MA

The Pursue Wellness Integrative Health Center and Spa provides a peaceful and welcoming environment for you to comfortably experience your individualized wellness journey, find us here.

In addition to in-person and virtual wellness appointments, we provide group programs for mindfulness, pelvic support, stress management, and specialized health issues. Our spa offers a 3-in-1 infrared sauna and a BioMat infrared therapy mat to assist with detoxification and the therapeutic treatment of pain, stiffness, symptoms of arthritis, muscle pain and stress relief.

Our additional licensed and seasoned practitioners specialize in synergistic therapies that include Massage Therapy, Mental Health Therapy, Functional Health Coach, Yoga, and Reiki. We are excited to have the first Great Yoga Wall in the area to allow you to advance your practice of yoga and correct underlying imbalances that manifest as injuries and chronic pain.

The Pursue Wellness Integrative Health Center and Spa is conveniently located near the border of Connecticut and Massachusetts, and is easily accessible from locations throughout New York and New England.

Please see our FAQ page for more information. All treatments and classes can be booked through the Vagaro app, which is available for download in the App Store.


Services Offered


Infrared BioMat


3-in-1 Infrared Sauna

Group yoga class

Yoga Studio

Massage bed


Contact Stacey for appointment (413) 636-2042

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To learn more, please contact us at: 

Phone: 413-526-7990
Fax: 413-526-7993

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