“I can’t emphasize enough on how Cindy and Kerah listened and learned about our son. The extensive and detailed plan given was mind blowing. And do-able! This process was truly customizable. Cindy and Kerah created the spark of hope and energy that we needed to help our son.”

“I would highly recommend Cindy Kennedy, NP, for your health and wellness needs. She immediately puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable, with her kind and personable manner. I never feel rushed, and she always takes the time to answer any questions and provide more information when needed. Cindy is very attentive and listens to your concerns. I have always found her very knowledgeable and helpful with various health issues. I completely trust Cindy and her recommendations.”

“Kerah Henebery is a joy! I had the pleasure of working with Kerah at the University of Connecticut, in the Department of Allied Health Sciences from 2005-2009, and remain a colleague of hers today. While at the University, Kerah continuously proved herself to be highly intelligent, personable, friendly, and diligent. She crosses her T’s and dots her I’s. Kerah will always be a successful nutrition professional in all her endeavors because she is focused on dispensing science and evidence-based nutrition information to her clients and patients.”

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