Maureen S.

Thankfully I was introduced to Cindy Kennedy of Pursue Wellness in September 2020. We couldn’t get anywhere with a diagnosis from our family physician or his specialists. My Illness progressed to the point I could not leave my bed. I ran the gamut of medications, CRT scans, and MRIs. I even went to the extent of having a temporal artery biopsies on both the right and the left side of my face for constant head pain.

Cindy answered my call and asked to review all labs and scans. My husband emailed her everything. She got on the phone and gave me an appointment immediately. She wasted no time treating me for latent Lyme Disease and mold sickness. I began improving within two weeks. Cindy got to the root causes of my illness and removed the multiple medications out family physician had me taking. I listened carefully because it all made sense. My health has returned and I’m so grateful for Cindy. I t has been a journey of one year in her practice. Her amazing knowledge and experience kept me going. She tells it like it is and delivers! She is well connected to many Integrative specialists. It has been teamwork with her and her excellent staff and me. They have given me unprecedented support over the past year. I am not a firm believer that root cause medicine is far more effective than traditional medicine for certain mystery illnesses.

My husband and I will always feel indebted to Cindy for the treatment she gave me.

“I was referred to Cindy Kennedy in April of 2020 for treatment of Lyme disease. I was interested in options outside of conventional care and a practitioner who was going to be thorough. Cindy took over 75 minutes on my first visit to meet with my wife, Donna and I. Through an in-depth history, she was able to identify an area of toxicity due to my prior work that needed treatment in order to heal from the  Lyme. What I like the best is how quickly she responds to emails and how easy she is to talk to. I was surprised how easily the tele-health aspect works. I am very happy to be feeling much better in the short time we have worked together and would recommend Cindy to anyone having a chronic illness.”

“I’m a 55 yr old “menopausal nightmare”, experiencing fatigue, fogginess, constipation, weight gain, joint pain, difficulty sleeping, etc…I was taking all kinds of vitamins and trying to do the” right thing” to improve my overall health and quality of life but without success. I never felt comfortable talking to my PCP or my OB/GYN. I am so grateful for Cindy Kennedy! She has taken the time to get to know me and to help guide me with my supplements, my diet, relaxation and sleep techniques, and she has been a wealth of information. She has dug deeper into my current issues than anyone has before. Anytime I needed support or questions answered, she was available through the chat function in the medical records. I am definitely still a work in progress, and I’m so pleased to have Cindy guide me on the right path to better overall physical and mental health. She is a true Joy!  I highly recommend her for getting healthier, and for dealing with issues that have had no solutions.”

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