Our Services

Medical and Nutrition Management

  • Chronic illness management strategies associated with gut health, autoimmune conditions, thyroid, fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, mold illness, skin health, food sensitivities, anxiety/depression, migraines, hormonal concerns, and other chronic symptoms
  • Nutrition consultations and meal planning services
  • Personalized vitamin and herbal supplement protocols
  • Tickborne infection testing with specialty labs
  • Lyme disease and co-infection treatment protocols
  • Mold illness testing and treatment protocols

We offer the following functional laboratory tests and tools:

  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Micronutrient panels
  • Gastrointestinal stool analysis
  • Comprehensive hormone, organic acids, and cortisol panels
  • Personalized genetic testing for targeted treatment options and nutrition guidance
  • Tick-borne illness testing with IGeneX
  • Mold illness testing with RealTime Labs



Wellness Center Services

Book an appointment for BioMat treatment and/or Yoga classes/workshops here. Find more information about our Wellness Center services on our FAQ page!

Discovery Call

We would love to hear from you! Talk with us about your health concerns and goals during a 20-minute complimentary phone call to see how Pursue Wellness can make a difference in your life.
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