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Reduce stress, heighten relaxation, improve sleep, reduce inflammation and many other benefits with our infrared BioMat therapy.

What is infrared BioMat therapy used for?

The infrared BioMat is designed to enhance circulation, reduce stress, heighten relaxation, improve sleep, and reduce inflammation.

It is an FDA approved medical device for pain management. Those who use our BioMat boast immediate results of pain reduction and feeling a peaceful relaxation. Using the BioMat on a frequent basis will provide long term health benefits.

The BioMat is a warm, full body treatment, in a private relaxing room with soft music. A session is for 25 minutes.


Infrared BioMat

The far infrared BioMat delivers holistic treatment that reaches the whole body. The Biomat provides a non-invasive and soothing experience for many common ailments. In addition to providing relief from some types of pain and discomfort, the BioMat provides muscle relaxation and increased local circulation where applied.