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Pursue Wellness embraces an integrative and personalized approach to health. Our mission is driven by the desire to heal and break through the unique challenges that prevent the whole-person from achieving optimal wellness. Our team is dedicated to comprehensive and compassionate patient care through open and honest communication.

We believe that listening to your individual story, evaluating your medical history, as well as your past and current symptoms, are vital parts of the healing process. Complex underlying and undiagnosed medical conditions often present themselves as unintentional weight gain, fatigue, digestive concerns, or other chronic illness. We offer specialty laboratory testing and dependable follow through that goes beyond the one-size fits all approach of traditional medicine. Together, we will develop individualized wellness plans tailored to your body’s specific needs to get you feeling your best.

About Cindy Kennedy

“I am passionate about helping you to live, thrive, and survive your chronic health issues. I understand, both personally and professionally, the overwhelming frustration that accompanies persistent health challenges. My strengths arise from a desire to educate and relate through humor to make my patients feel comfortable and engaged.”

Cindy received her M.S. from the University of Massachusetts and is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She has trained with the Institute of Functional Medicine and has successfully completed Applying Functional Medicine In Clinical Practice (AFMCP).  She has over 20 years of experience in women’s health and has provided gynecological care to thousands of patients. Learning firsthand the need for integrative, individualized, and compassionate care after struggling to get a Lyme disease diagnosis, her focus shifted toward working with those individuals who need more guidance and resources to pursue their own wellness. She recognizes there is no better support than from someone who also struggled to achieve their own health goals.

When not interviewing experts on her Living with Lyme podcast, Cindy loves to cook and have her family with her. She enjoys watching the sunset on the beach with a glass of wine, her husband Joe, and their dog Reese.

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About Kerah Henebery

Kerah obtained both her B.S. in Dietetics and M.S. in Health Promotion/Allied Health Sciences from the University of Connecticut. Her diverse background as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist includes both clinical and outpatient support, but her true passion lies in applying an integrative and functional approach to patient care. Kerah has particular interests in food sensitivities, digestive wellness, nutrigenomics, and hormonal balance.

Kerah places emphasis on the whole-person and recognizes no two individuals are the same. She applies a unique combination of functional nutrition with an integrative approach to identify the root cause of your health concerns. Using whole foods and lifestyle changes, she develops personalized plans tailored to your individual needs that facilitate preventative and restorative health. Her true joy comes from connecting with each person and helping them live life to the fullest.

Kerah is a military spouse and currently lives in Maryland with her husband and young daughter. Along with spending quality time with her family, she enjoys discovering local farmers’ markets, reading, and listening to live music.

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