About Us

Our collaborative team has over 40 years of experience in multiple disciplines of patient care and we are excited to be a part of your journey to wellness.

Our commitment to you is personal. We too have endured our own unique struggles with wellness and understand your frustrations with misdiagnoses and unanswered questions. Our goal is to find answers to your health issues and explore effective strategies beyond medications.

We believe listening to your individual story, evaluating your medical history, as well as your past and current symptoms are vital parts of the healing process. Complex underlying and undiagnosed medical conditions often present themselves as unintentional weight gain, fatigue, digestive concerns, or other chronic illness. We offer specialty laboratory testing, nutritional guidance, and dependable follow through that goes beyond the one-size fits all approach of traditional medicine. Together, we will develop comprehensive wellness plans tailored to your body’s specific needs to get you feeling your best.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Jean Curtis, LPN

Patient Care Coordinator 

Stacey Duquette

Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor

Mary Frances Crowley

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Shauna McCarthy MS, ANP-BC

Shauna McCarthy MS, ANP-BC

Board-Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner

Kathleen Gormally

Kathleen Gormally

Yoga Instructor

Kathleen Gormally

Natalie Drenthe

Biomagnetism Practitioner

Kathleen Gormally

Karyn Rosenkranz

Physical Therapy/Structural Integration

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